Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Fashion Line

Kate Hudson is much more than an actress, with the founding of the company Fabletics in 2013, she has become a successful businesswoman, turning her company into a $250 million business.


Fabletics is about women, and how it empowers them to look and feel their best. It doesn’t matter what age, shape, or size a woman is, what is important is that she feels good about herself and has self-confidence.


TechStyle Fashion Group’s founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, had the idea to start a leisure athletic brand of clothing for women in 2013. They decided to ask Kate Hudson if she wanted to partner up with them. 2013 is also when Fabletics was founded.


Kate Hudson has been very hands-on with the new company since the very first day. If she isn’t crunching numbers doing the budgeting, then she is on social media trying out new strategies. She is an active participant in the design process as well as working with the team to be certain styles are fresh and new. She is always up on sales and knows exactly which products are selling best and which are not. While some celebrities do not actually use the products they endorse, this is not the case with Kate Hudson. She can be seen doing errands, or hanging out with her kids wearing Fabletics gear.


Kate is all about customer service and communication. Fabletics has received top rating with the Better Business Bureau for the past 18 months and their customer service satisfaction score has been much improved.


Fabletics shares seventy percent services with their parent company, TechStyle Fashion Group. Because Kate was able to get in with this company, she didn’t have to hire any of her own marketing or design staff, the two company’s share resources with each other.


Even though Kate loves being a businesswoman with her Fabletics company, she loves even more being an actor. So don’t expect her to quit acting any time soon and go full time into the fashion industry. She states that being an actor is where her heart is at, at least for the time being.

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