Spotlight on Betsy DeVos’ Personal Background and Philanthropy

Betsy DeVos can best be described as a reformer. She started being politically involved while still in college (Calvin College) and has remained active since then. She has been involved in the running of diverse party organizations, campaigns as well as political action committees. Betsy DeVos and her husband always strive to look for inventive solutions to the prevailing social problems in both politics and business. Here is an overview of a recent interview I read about Betsy DeVos, highlighting her family’s involvement in philanthropy and the various financial giving it has done.

Progress of the School Choice Program

I read that Betsy DeVos is so far happy with the progress of the school choice program and remains very optimistic going forward. According to the interview I read, about 250,000 students are currently enrolled in 33 private choice programs that are publicly funded in about 17 states as well as the District of Columbia. Mrs. DeVos went on to explain that the movement is experiencing an accelerating growth as it had managed to record an increase of 40,000 students in the program.


Betsy DeVos went on to state a few states that are currently enjoying the programs among them Ohio, Louisiana, Florida, Pennsylvania and Arizona. In the interview, I noted that a recently done poll showed a huge increase in popularity of the educational choice program especially among the Latinos. According to Mrs. DeVos, more people are embracing the program due to the failing of the conventional public schools system. People have become more open to various radical reforms like tax, vouchers, education savings accounts and credits.

Motivation to Join the Movement

Betsy DeVos stated that there was no single event that drew her to the movement as it was something more gradual. I read her story that she and her husband, Dick DeVos, made a trip to the Potter’s House Christian School when their children attained the school-going age. The couple noted that the school served a lot of kids from low-income families. They noted the struggles that these parents underwent in order to keep their kids at the school and this motivated them to support the school. This desire to assist such parents drove them to start the same program in various other schools. She also helped her husband set up a charter high school at the Grand Rapids area by hinting the idea to him. Read more about her philanthropy at MLive.

About Betsy DeVos

As the American Federation for Children’s chairman, Betsy has been a leader in fighting for reforms necessary to fix the wrecked education system in America. She aims at giving parents a number of options in the education of their children. Her efforts have bore fruit as over a million children are attending the schools of their parents’ choice and are not restricted by their zip code. Together with her husband, they have offered fresh educational opportunities in West Michigan.

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