Nick Vertucci: Giving Up Was Not An Option

Nick Vertucci is a real estate investor. He developed a Real Estate Academy designed to educate people how to make money by investing in real estate.

Verducci’s childhood was blemished by the death of his father at age ten but was bolstered by a loving family. Instead of feeling helpless, he developed a philosophy of forward thinking. Without a father, his mother was under financial pressure to support the family. His family was financially destitute. At the age of eighteen, Nick Vertucci was living in his van.

Things started to turn around when he started selling computer parts, in his business according to He became confident that he was the master of his fate. At that time, he married and had three daughters.

However, with the crisis, his computer business collapsed, and he was without any income for eighteen months. Nick Vertucci, as his friend’s guest, took a three-day real estate seminar.

When he attended the workshop, this gave him confidence that he could succeed in real estate. He continued his real estate training. He never gave up. But it took him a decade to develop the knowledge to be successful in real estate. He also wanted to teach others his real estate techniques for success. Vertucci gave birth to the Nick Vertucci (NV) Real Estate Academy.

Nick Vertucci’s goal was to purchase stressed properties, fix them up, and then sell them for a profit. This process is called “flipping.” The challenge of “flipping” is to fund the purchase and the rehabilitation of the stressed property. The NV Real Estate Academy specifically teaches its students the process of “flipping.”

Vertucci was developing a positive reputation as a real estate investor. To maintain “flipping,” you must create leads to purchase the stressed properties on According to Vertucci the best way to generate leads is to establish your brand as a successful investor, to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

A brand name has to be created, and a particular color tone must be chosen for your advertising. For instance, the color red is translated as being bold and confident. A brand means success, consistency, and competence.

The one thing that Nick Vertucci found out is that he could not build the business without attracting the best properties to rehabilitate, clients (buyers), lenders and financial partners. Powerful branding will lead to that result. The NV Real Estate Academy teaches techniques to sell real estate at

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