Kim Takes Us to a Round One in Tokyo

Last summer, Kim Dao and some friends went to a Round One game center in Tokyo. Kim Dao loves that these game centers allow people to play as many games as they want to for $20.00.  Round One did not have all the arcade games that Kim Dao would have liked to have played. The arcade had a roller-skating rink where people could skate. A friend of Kim Dao’s held her hand as she attempted to roller skate.Learn more :


I think Kim Dao’s friend brought along a boyfriend who tried to ride on the mechanical bull at the arcade. It was not wild like the mechanical bull rides in the 1980s; the bull rocked back and forth and could also rotate around.Learn more :


Kim Dao had a grilled hot dog. She does not like hot dogs with any kind of condiment be cause she can’t taste the hot dig that way.Learn more :



If the roller rink and mechanical bull are not enough, Round One also has karaoke where people get to sing along with the music. After singing along with the video for a few minutes or so, Kim Dao and her friends tried roller-skating again, and Kim Dao improved a little bit. She had a good time but was disappointed she could not play DDR because the game was shut off. Maybe the next time Kim Dao visits Round One she will play DDR.Learn more :


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